Lloyd's work evokes the memories that all surfers have stored up inside.  They remind us of daydreams and of waves that might someday be, "Deep in your head there is this place, and it's not Huntington Pier," he  says.  It's more like a collective surfing unconscious.  Surfers live in longing for that moment, they relish the anticipation.  But arriving there is never as good as you picture it.  Eventually, your memory mixes up all these snapshots of the best days and they all become part of this inner place."  Lloyd collages together these images, as one would compose a letter to a new lover.  They are weathered and stained in a cherished way, like postcards that have been forwarded through all of the post offices of the world's best surf spots, gathering up memories that burnish the perfection of the final image.  Anticipation and memory, those long-lived impressions flanking the instantaneous rush of a wave, are paramount.  These scenes are both past, future, and sweetly unattainable.