David Palmer’s ongoing body of work grows out of his fascination with the evolution of systems. His interest in the ways things are connected, both directly and through networks, and how simple elements can combine and evolve into complex organisms. Though the nature of these tends to be biological, there are parallels in social and information systems as well.

Seeing his latest linoleums as an extension of the work from his Flatlands series, only with a concentrated focus. They are paintings made without paint. While still topographical in nature, he thinks of them less and less as satellite views and more as glimpses through an imaginary microscope. The title of the series comes from a phrase in Kevin Kelly's book “Out of Control”, where he describes the poised disequilibrium of living systems, forever almost falling as they ride the edge between chaos and order. Not only does his phrase beautifully describe the adaptive, self-correcting process of evolution, it also serves as a description of the painting process itself. 

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