Explosive energy, inner light, organic patterns and bodily orbs: my latest series continues to bridge the physical and intangible connections between the body-spirit and the universe.  The curves and flows, created with blood, allow the sleek and smooth synthetic elements to exist in harmony with the organic - illuminating the finite details of the blood as well as its innate energy.

In the presence of light, the translucency of the blood is revealed under and between multiple layers of clear resins. (An additional UV coating is applied to each piece to ensure the archival life of the organic material, permanently preserving its natural colors and textures). The blood's lucent properties also retain and vibrate light, illuminating pools of reds, blacks and sealed-in protein air-bubbles. My new series also incorporates a new technique--gradations of “aged blood”--that create deep, black fields in various stages of decomposition to coexist with the medium’s rich, fresh, translucent reds.  The compositions of my new works often resemble Rorschach inkblot test patterns, magnified cellular details as well as large-scale photographic images of planetary bodies, dark matter, molten lava and galactic bullet clusters.

In these new works, I allow the forms and material to stand at the forefront, presenting reflections of mortality, spirituality and science while still offering the viewer space for a visceral and primal response.