Cox received an MFA from RISD, and was an assistant professor of art at San Diego State University until he resigned in 1982 to become a full-time artist. Kris has had over 50 one-man shows, and has works in many museum and other prestigious collections.


The threads that run through Cox’s various bodies of work, (Photo based Works on Mylar, 2009, Alchemy Series, 2008, Site Series, 2008, Concentric Episode Series, 1995-2008, Four-Letter Word Series, 2007-2008, include a strong conceptual basis, often references to time and memory, and works that have a great sense of “objectness”; whether sculpture, ‘constructed’ paintings, or ‘constructed’ photo images digitally printed on layers of mylar. 

Transformation of materials is evident throughout his mediums including pigmented wood putties, cast patinated lead, digital printing on mylar, and cast pigmented beeswax among others. Heat, what Joseph Beuys has called a metaphor for thought, is often employed by Cox to create his art. It is Cox’s intention that his pieces are seductive from a distance, and upon close inspection, reward the viewer with nuance and an intimate beauty, which he does not feel is anachronistic.