Rex Yuasa’s work explores the relationship between beauty and the sublime.   Yuasa first began developing a body of work based on the idea of “void,” which he describes as a non-signifiable space with no structure or texture, hence no narrative.   Yuasa wanted to incorporate his interest in painting as visual illusion into the investigation of how to manifest such a space in paintings.

“As I have continued working on this idea for over fifteen years, I realized that there was an undeniable tie to the notion of sublime and beauty.  I strongly believe in the interaction between viewers, their perception, and the work itself.   Paintings come into existence and are given meaning through the lens of the viewer’s perception.  Especially important in abstract paintings, the viewer’s perceptual role (seeing and gazing of illusion) makes the assumption of their understanding valid.”

Rex Yuasa received his MFA from California Institute of Visual Arts and resides in San Diego California.